Stretch wrapper

The automatic stretch wrapping machine model 38 Pił for wrapping fresh products contained in trays, is particularly suitable for use in supermarkets, hypermarkets and medium-sized packaging centres. Made completely of stainless steel, aluminium and plastic materials, it is compact and very versatile. Thanks to the five configurations possible, 38 Pił can respond to diverse needs of our customers, in terms of size and space available. The two reel design allows fully automatic wrapping, without interruption for having to replace the film width in accordance to workable tray sizes.


5 available configurations.

  • 38 Pił can meet all the needs of possible production layouts, it is the only packaging machine in the world that offers this possibility.


    Easy access to internal parts of the machine.

  • The machine allows easy access to internal parts during periodic cleaning and regular maintenance. The absence of mechanical parts under the lift ensures the highest level of hygiene.


    2 film reels for continuous packaging operation.

  • The two independent reels, capable of holding two different film sizes, will guarantee the most efficient film consumption. It enables wrapping without interruption for reel change depending on the tray, therefore flexibility, high average speed and continuous production are ensured.


    Possibility of selecting two speeds for optimal wrapping of the trays.

  • Speed: 21 and 31 packages a minute. It is possible to choose the most suitable speed for the tray to wrap in order to facilitate its packaging (for example, a tray with high centre of gravity).


    Capable of packaging trays of every shape, colour and size.

  • 38 Pił guarantees optimal packaging of every tray type, of variable shapes and colour. The product is packaged with particular attention to sealing of the tray's underside: the sealing belt is designed to optimise the sealing of the film without overheating the tray.


    Plug and Pack!

  • 38 Pił is powered by 380v AC without any need for compressed air; on stand-alone configuration.


    Reel replacement in less than 45 seconds.

  • Easy, fast and error-proof reel replacement: takes less than 45 seconds. Moreover the always in motion second reel, reduces this time even more, to less than 30 seconds. The reduced weight of the reel facilitates replacement by the operator.


    Ideal for packaging fresh products.

  • Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, gastronomy, cheese and other products.


    Safety and hygiene first!

  • Each part of 38 Pił was designed with highest attention to maximise operator safety. There are no sharp edges on the metal parts and the rounded design of the aluminium sides minimises accidental impact during movement within the vicinity of the packaging machine.





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