Stretch wrapper

A flagship product among automatic wrapping machines with stretch technology, 55 Pił is the ideal choice for packaging centres that require high productivity per hour combined with maximum reliability.

Made completely of stainless steel, aluminium and plastic materials, 55 Pił is characterised by high packaging speed and flexibility of use, a feature which is especially appreciated by operators.

Designed with particular attention to details, 55 Pił offers the best safety and comfort features.

55 Pił is also available in a High-Speed (HS) version with speeds up to 62 packages per minute.


Fast and very fast: 55 Pił is available in two versions.

  • 55 Pił (55 packages per minute) and 55 Pił HS (62 packages per minute): you can choose the version that is most suitable to your production volume. Speed control allows adjustment of packaging rhythm in accordance to your production volume.


    In-line packaging machine.

  • 55 Pił can be fitted with extended in-feed conveyors and exit conveyor rollers to integrate with other production equipment. E.g. portioning machines, Bizerba scales and price labellers.


    Plug and Pack!

  • 55 Pił is powered by 380v AC without any need for compressed air.


    Six independent access points: convenience is priceless.

  • 55 Pił has 6 points of access to the internal parts of the machine, which allows for very easy access during periodic cleaning and regular maintenance. There is nothing under the lift, if part of the product falls from the tray; it lands on the floor without intercepting any part of the machine. This will guarantee the highest level of hygiene and in case of cleaning, the operation is easy and definitely effective.


    Capable of packaging trays of every shape, colour and size.

  • 55 Pił guarantees optimal packaging of every tray type, of variable shapes and colour. Thanks to wide-range of options, optimal wrapping of trays ranging from catering types to family packs are always guaranteed. The product is packaged with particular attention to sealing of the tray's underside: the sealing belt is designed to optimise the sealing of the film without overheating the tray. The automatically regulated ejector ensures high packaging speed even with high trays or with overflowing product, optimising production and eliminating any possibility of tray blockage in the machine.


    Reel change in less than 45 seconds!

  • Easy, fast and error-proof reel replacement: takes less than 45 seconds. Moreover the optional second reel, reduces this time even more, to less than 30 seconds. The reduced weight of the reel facilitates replacement by the operator.


    Ideal for packaging fresh products.

  • Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, gastronomy, cheese and other products.


    Control Panel with LCD monitor.

  • The monitor provides all types of information with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. 55 Pił can manage up to 99 wrapping programmes, guaranteeing customised programming that no other packaging machine can match. The integrated diagnostic system in the control panel ensures complete control of the machine and allows for the quick identification of potential anomalies.


    The best balance between performance and power consumption.

  • 55 Pił will process only if trays are present. This dramatically reduces the consumption of electricity and decreases mechanical wear to a minimum, allowing you to extend service intervals. 55 Pił runs fast but knows when to stop, without any action on your part.


    Safety first!

  • Every part of 55 Pił has been designed in compliance with the most stringent regulations for operator safety: all machine parts are protected by safety switches for open-able safety guards, by proper sizing of the covers on the in-feed and reinforced straps on the end sealing belt.





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