S-Class II

The Bizerba S-Class II weighing scale range

Perfect weighing performance over a large weighing spectrum – this is what defines the Bizerba System class SC II weighing scale. Thanks to a more powerful processor, it utilises the possibilities of state-of-the-art communication technology, while also offering maximum customisability, from the keyboard layout to software expansions.



  • • Perfect weighing performance over a large spectrum

    • Fast processor and plenty of memory

    • Backlit graphic display

    • Optionally available with 7-inch screen for displaying persistent and full screen advertising; the contents can also be loaded via a USB flash drive.

    • Freely configurable mechanical/membrane keyboard, assignment of keys is freely customisable

    • Energy-saving components (10 hours of operation without external electrical supply)

    • A wide variety of interfaces


    Power inside

  • Already fitted with particularly energy-efficient components, SC II scales also optionally have integrated rechargeable lithium ion batteries. This is an advantage not only in mobile retail and on stands at markets and other special events, but also in the event of brownouts and power cuts, because the scales will continue to operate reliably depending on the model for up to ten hours without an external power supply. All scales can also be fitted with a 12 V connector that enables them to be operated using a car battery.


    Information display

  • The backlit display supports graphics and presents item text and customer information in up to 35 characters – brilliantly, clearly and legibly. Six display lines ensure that users receive the most useful guidance possible and that the device is ideally programmed.

    The optional 7-inch colour monitor (to be fitted by the customer) makes the SC II scales the ideal marketing platform.


    Customised keyboards

  • The configurable mechanical/membrane keyboards can be individually adapted to control and/or operating processes. It is easy to modify assignments of PLUs or functions to the keyboard. They allow even untrained employees to automatically work efficiently and free of errors.


    Brilliant print-outs on a variety of printing paper types

  • The SC II scales have a label printer that is capable of producing not only labels (including decorative labels), but also receipts and final batch stickers as standard. This allows large amounts of text, for example lists of ingredients, recipes, preparation recommendations and marketing information, to be flexibly printed on the most suitable carrier material. Alternatively, it is possible to use a particularly cost-effective linerless printer, which can be fitted with Bizerba linerless thermal rolls with no carrier tape.


    SC II 100

  • Counter-top scales for assisted sales and self-service, as well as for price labelling. POS solution in conjunction with a cash tray.

    Also available with 7" customer screen for professional marketing and item information.


    SC II 200

  • Counter-top scales mounted on stand for assisted sales and price labelling.


    SC II 400

  • Suspended scales for assisted sales or self-service, especially in areas that are cleaned using water, for example fruit, vegetable or fish departments. Available with 48 or 96 keys as well as with a mixture of different key sizes.


    SC II 500

  • Self-service or quick-use scales with keyboard and customer display on stand. Available with 48, 96, 144 or 192 keys and also with a mixture of different key sizes.


    SC II 800

  • Stand-mounted scales for assisted sales or self-service. Enables ergonomic service with direct eye contact with the customer. POS solution in conjunction with a cash tray.