M.A.P / Tray sealer

Designed and built for all applications in a Protective Atmosphere, Xpeed 5 allows for high performance in packing products that require extended shelf-life such as meat, poultry, ready meals, fish and gastronomy. Xpeed 5 is a top product from the XPEED family, a tray sealer that is ideal for large industrial contexts, while remaining extremely versatile even for small and medium-sized packaging centres.


Electric board, above everything.

  • All electronic parts are located away from the floor and work areas, and for further protection the cables run inside the hollow sections, protecting them from accidental shocks and spills. Total guarantee for better durability and reliability.


    The true Plug and Pack!

  • Xpeed 5 is ready to be delivered, handled and installed as a single unit. This saves time during installation and eliminates any type of set-up problem, without the need for special tools for assembly.


    The speed you need.

  • Up to 10 cycles per minute in vacuum-gas mode and up to 12 cycles per minute in tray sealing. For a maximum productivity of 160 packages per minute.


    Hygiene, safety, strength: the facts.

  • Xpeed 5 has been built to reduce the surface discontinuities and flat areas where dirt, dust, liquids and production residues can easily accumulate. The 2,000 kg of stainless steel is the best guarantee for long service life and aluminium alloys have been used for the fast-moving parts. Work area designed for IP65 wash.


    Size, we take up space only where needed. A footprint of

  • 1.8x1.8m ensures total accessibility under the power supply and exit conveyor. This makes the work area very comfortable for operators, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning operations.


    DVS: Dynamic Vacuum System

  • Some of the particular features of Xpeed 5; is providing optimal speed and lower gas consumption. Thanks to the innovative gas exchange system patented by Gruppo Fabbri. In addition, depending on the product to be packaged, Xpeed 5 can operate in different ways, by selecting the appropriate program: vacuum/gas, gas flushing, sealing only.


    Size change: time is money

  • The size change process takes less than 10 minutes, from stop to "ready for packaging". The absence of preheating and liquid cooling stations means less time for production to resume, lower power consumption and no need for expensive equipment.


    Easy access for mould change, cleaning and inspection.

  • The safety guards offer great accessibility to each work area of the machine, from the mould to the upper electric cabinet, and from the power supply to the pneumatic parts. The particular care in the design of the packaging area, both for free sizes as well as minimizing protruding parts, reveals great attention paid to the comfort of the operators.


    Great flexibility combined with efficiency.

  • Xpeed 5 can package with single-line and double-line moulds, maximizing productivity in accordance with real client needs. The double-line version can be converted to single-line in a few moments, requiring an actual length of time very close to that of format change. The machine is available in right and left versions.


    "Multi Slot System" (MSS): the speed of intelligence.

  • The transport system of trays inside the machine is composed of two traversing arms integrated with MMS, which allows for the loading of trays of different heights without any additional adjustment. In addition, the independent management of acceleration and deceleration allows for the positioning of very critical products such as soups, ready meals, mozzarella, without incurring liquid and product leaks, with benefits both in terms of production and subsequent cleaning operations.


    The packaging library: aesthetics and substance

  • Vacuum-gas, gas flushing, sealing only, outside cut, inside cut, skin and overflowing product.


    Tailored packaging.

  • With a wide choice of machine configuration and optional devices, Xpeed 5 can be customised according to client requirements, ensuring maximum operational performance at the best price possible.


    Packaging with different types of trays and thermo-sealable film.

  • Xpeed 5 handles all trays and film suitable for tray-sealing packaging: from foam polystyrene to polypropylene, and from aluminium to PET. Xpeed 5 guarantees in particular; excellent performance with all high and medium barrier film produced by Gruppo Fabbri.