K-Class II

The Bizerba K-Class weighing scale range

From weighing to POS and printing through to cross-selling; the Bizerba K-Class weighing scale range has the right solution for all retail tasks, whether counter-top scales for use at the fresh produce counter, the suspended scales specially for fish counters or the counter-top scales combined with POS functionality to aid in active selling during service.



  • • High-end PC scales with low energy consumption

    • Easy Clean for simple and fast cleaning of the surface, display and load plate

    • Easy to replace paper rolls

    • Software package .RetailFramework

    • Optional: Label and duplicate printer and Easy Level incline compensation


    An all-round talent

  • The Bizerba K-Class range meets all tasks faced in retail, from weighing, POS, printing and advising to advertising and cross-selling. The new Easy Load printer impresses with the ease with which paper rolls are replaced. Components that wear down can also be conveniently replaced, almost without any tools. All of the components can also be cleaned quickly and easily – something which is ensured by the ergonomic construction, the Easy Clean surface of the housing and the newly developed frameless Easy Clean display. The open PC platform offers maximum performance, and enables customer-specific requirements and additional features to be implemented after purchase.


    Easy Clean

  • All housing surfaces are dirt-repellent, extremely stable and corrosion-resistant, and they comply with the toughest international hygiene guidelines. Thanks to the innovative surface coating, stray labels can be removed easily – and even stubborn food residues can simply be wiped away.

    The customer and operator monitors are integrated framelessly into the housing to form a completely smooth transition between housing and screen. This prevents dirt gathering there, which would later have to be arduously removed. As a result, the Easy Clean displays not only look particularly stylish but also offer a number of important practical benefits.


    Easy Load

  • A new printer that really does its name justice – because although it can handle virtually all standard types of paper, the rolls can be exchanged amazingly quickly. From ticket printing on two or three-inch rolls with paper widths of up to 80 millimeters through the use of linerless paper right up to label printing – anything is possible, and the convenient handling saves valuable time. Plus the double printer allows the customer to use different types of paper simultaneously.


    Easy Level

  • This automatic tilt compensation eliminates weighing errors. These can otherwise be commonplace, such as when the scale is in mobile use or is placed on an unlevel surface. Thanks to the Easy Level technology, the angle of tilt is measured and compensated automatically, thus guaranteeing that the correct weight value is displayed.


    Green IT

  • The K-Class II conserves natural resources of the nature by high performance and low energy consumption (Fanless).This is supported by power supply packs with high efficiency, economical components such as SSD, LED backlight and Wake on LAN.


    KH II 100

  • The KH II 100 counter-top scales are ideal for service sales, self-service and price labelling. Combined with a cash tray, it can also be used as a POS system. With an external load carrier, the scales can support up to 150kg.


    KH II 200

  • The KH II 200 can also be employed as a POS solution. With its stand-mounted customer display, these counter-top scales are suitable in particular for service sales.


    KH II 400

  • The KH II 400 suspended scales have been specially designed for fish counter sales. The load dish has been fitted in such a way to prevent anything from dripping onto the housing and connections, even when handling wet goods.


    KH II 800

  • The KH II 800 is particularly suitable for use in service sales at fresh produce counters. A large customer display is optionally available for these counter-top scales. The integrated cash tray also enables the KH II 800 to be used as a POS solution.




    K-Class II - Multimedia Scale