Joker MT

Combi oven

The flexible and compact combi

JOKER MT 2-3: With a width of only 52 cm, the JOKER MT offers flexibility and high performance in a confined space. Experience our MT Technology: control innovative functions via a comfortable touch screen.


JOKER MT 1-1: The GN 1/1 compact JOKER - experience the advantages of the MT Technology and use up to six levels. Full capacity within a 52 cm wide combi-steamer.


Joker MT control: MT Technology

Simplify your cooking and baking thanks to MT Technology Just slide, wipe or scroll – intuition is the key to operating your JOKER MT with lightning speed precision.

  • • High resolution 7" colour monitor with real MultiTouch Technology

    • A simple stroke of the finger simultaneously sets temperature and humidity to the exact degree and percentage. Climatic® MT makes it possible.

    • The function Last® 20 remembers the last 20 cooking processes – nothing is lost.

    • Multi Connect makes it easy to interconnect your JOKER MT : Manage your programmes and HACCP data using advanced communication interface such as USB or LAN.

    • A touch with your finger puts all settings exactly where you want them to be thanks to Quick Set.

    • System caterers will love Quick Mode. It allows rapid and standard handling in all outlets by means of specifically predetermined operating sequences.

    • 9 cooking methods, 9 menu groups, low temperature and Delta T cooking

    • 400 cooking and baking programmes, and favourites function

    • Automatic logbook function, HACCP display showing all data at a glance, can be archived with PC and LAN interface.

    • Various fan speeds

    • Programmes can be adjusted without stopping the machine

    • Automatic heating and cooling with fast cool down function

    • Manual, precise steaming in baking mode


    The live steam system - invented by Eloma

  • Live steam is generated by our patented heat recovery system and directly injected into the dispersion tube. This saves energy and creates live steam within seconds without preheating.

    Key benefits:

    • Perfectly saturated steam quality, precise to the milliliter

    • Economical and ecological: greatly reduced cooking times, minimal use of materials, massively reduced energy and water consumption with the very best food quality

    • Maximum hygiene thanks to elimination of the boiler and a steady supply of freshly generated steam


    Massive benefits for all users – for professional cooking or baking

  • • Minimal heating time (less than 2.5 minutes to reach 160 degrees Celsius or 152 Fahrenheit)

    • Perfect cooking temperature: stable and precise to the degree, even in the lower temperature range

    • Energy and water consumption reduced to a minimum

    • Significant savings on ingredients thanks to minimised cooking losses and waste

    • 50% more capacity thanks to variable tray sizes

    • Lightning-fast cooling

    • Powerful aroma development, juicy roasts, intensive colors and crispy crusts - all without turning, flipping or rearranging

    • Optimisation of product usage thanks to superbly even temperature distribution

    • Precise, regular air distribution at all levels

    • Perfect combination of cooking parameters

    • Optimum temperature conditions for perfect cooking results


    Multi Cooking

  • A sure thing. Simply select one programme or cooking method and the JOKER MT determines all the accompanying programmes required, automatically. Particular benefits:

    • Multiple selection for parallel operation, whether before or during the cooking process

    • Intelligent time control, set start or end time as desired

    • Summary of all meals which can be cooked together – with multiple independent timer display for each tray

    • Cooking times with Eloma Multi Cooking can also be controlled using the core temperature: meat dishes that are perfectly cooked inside and out, the best cooking results without stress or time constraining.

    • Each tray can be programmed individually when fitted with different equipment

    • Permanent summary of the remaining cooking times for all dishes and trays

    • Visual and acoustic alerts as soon as meals in each tray are ready


    Eloma autoclean® – the fully automatic cleaning system

  • The ultimate in hygiene and safety - our unique, patented, fully automatic self-cleaning system.

    Your combi steamer takes care of everything on its own at the touch of a button.

    • Liquid cleaning system coordinated with Eloma products and ready for use, for optimum cleaning results and the best possible surface protection

    • Proven, unsurpassed cleaning results: requiring a minimal amount of time, power and water

    • Extremely low cleaning costs thanks to precise measuring of the liquid cleaner

    • Maximum safety protection, no direct contact with any cleaning chemicals

    • The program can be started at any time without manual cooling or need to open the door

    • Perfect cleaning results thanks to a rotary jet

    • No more refilling or handling of cartridges or tabs

    • Top hygiene standards for products and processes

    We recommend our Eloma MULTI-CLEAN products for the best cleaning results and long operating life.


    Doors can be hinged on the right or left

  • Perfect ergonomics - we manufacture your machine to suit your requirements.

    Only Eloma offers this: no matter where you position your machine, Eloma can adapt it to fit the space you have available. Our machines are available with door hinges on the right-hand side or with a control control panel on the left-hand side.

    • Easy to adjust and install

    • We offer custom system solutions as an innovative solutions provider

    • Outstanding flexibility for all applications thanks to an optimised delivery program