Breakfast Point IGA upgrades their Combi Oven to Eloma


The Red Retail Group ,owners of Breakfast point IGA based in the inner West of Sydney, recently decided to upgrade their Combi oven. General Manager Steve Mayers says that they needed a lot more functionality than they existing oven could give them as they were looking at extending their cooked product range . 

Thumbs-up for Eloma Ovens!


“ We looked at a few different options but found the Eloma MT 20-11 Combi oven offered by the local Eloma dealers, Rollex Australia, offered us the best solution for the price.”

"It's thumbs up for Eloma!"

Steve ordered the 20 tray oven plus a spare trolley and the unit was successfully installed by our friendly Service Team.

This combination allows the store to cook 60 whole chickens in just over 1 hour with the option that the spare trolley can be preloaded with product whilst the initial 60 birds are cooking.

So far the feedback from customers and the staff has been fantastic, the customers are loving the fact that the chickens are now evenly cooked to perfection and the staff love the ease of use and self cleaning function. The touch screen panel makes selecting their stored favourite program’s very easy and modifying an existing program only takes a few seconds.


Our dedicated Service Team were very supportive in training and assisting them even during the initial cooking.


Eloma Genius MT Combi-Oven

Eloma Genius MT Control Panel