D 900 Series

Retail weigh labelling machine


D 900 Series of electronic price computing scales with receipt and / or label printer, perfect for retail applications. Easy to use, with excellent features and contemporary design. The innovative touchscreen offers more visual aid during operation while the large customer screen can be a perfect tool for advertising and customer engagement without the complexity and complications of a pc-based scale.


Main characteristics

  • Touchscreen scale with conventional electronics (not a PC-based scale).
  • Models with receipt printer, receipt / label printer or two printers (for receipts and labels).
  • Variety of formats.
  • Modern, compact and easy to clean design.
  • More intuitive user menus.
  • More dynamic and stylish buyer screen as an advertising tool.
  • Greater capacity (memory, functions, communications and interconnections).
  • Compliance with EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.


  • Extensive information for each PLU: normal and special pricing, texts, dates, barcode, product images, ingredients, nutritional information, country of origin.
  • PLU search by code or name.
  • Customisable operator screen layout:
    • Selection of the most frequent functions in "Favourites".
    • Screen design with corporate colours and logos.
    • Allocation of independent direct keys by section and alphabetic order of the PLUs.
    • Preset keys for PLUs, sections and vendors, whereby the image, quantity and size can be configured.
  • In-scale management of advertising.
  • Sales and management reports: sales (by article, vendor, time frames, last month, etc.), margins, balance available in the cash drawer, modified PLUs, etc.
  • Fast and reliable communication between scales and with the computer.
  • Cross selling, self-service and cash register functions.

Capacity / Accuracy:

  • Multi-range 3,000 divisions: 6 kg / 2 g - 15 kg / 5 g
  • Other options:
    • Mono-range 3,000 divisions: 15 kg / 5 g or 30 kg / 10 g
      (hanging scales only comes with this option)
    • Multi-range 3,000 divisions: 15 kg / 5 g - 30 kg / 10 g
    • Mono-range 6,000 divisions: 12 kg / 2 g or 30 kg / 5 g

Available formats:

  • Flat
  • Pole - elevated screens
  • Hanging
  • Double Body - elevated screens and receipt printer
    (as applicable)


  • Highly resistant ABS plastic housing
  • Stainless steel housing
    (option for hanging scales)
  • Stainless steel load plate


  • Operator: Touchscreen TFT 10.4-inch
    (on flat and pole formats)
  • Operator: Touchscreen TFT 12.1-inch
    (on hanging and double body formats)
  • Customer: Coloured TFT 12.1-inch
    (with adjustable viewing height and angle)


  • Options:
    • Receipt printer only
    • Label or receipt printer
    • Dual printer
      (receipt and label)
    • Linerless label printer
  • 58mm direct thermal
  • 8 dots / mm print resolution
  • 100 mm / sec print speed
  • 30mm (W) x 30mm (L) minimum label size
  • 60mm (W) x 150mm (L) maximum label size
  • Cassette loading system for fast and easy label change


  • TCP/IP Ethernet for interconnection and PC communication
  • Serial RS232 for barcode scanner connection
    (powered by 5v DC from the scale)
  • Cash drawer
  • Queueing system
  • Option to connect a single load cell weighing platform
    (up to 400mm x 400mm platform size, 30kg maximum capacity)


230v AC single-phase

Flat Pole Hanging Double body
A 382mm 382mm 443mm 375mm
B 520mm 520mm 186mm 470mm
C 180mm 180mm 315mm 305mm
D N/A 585mm 415mm 600mm

Small stainless steel tray 357mm (L) x 235mm (W) x 55mm (H)

Large stainless steel tray 407mm (L) x 284mm (W) x 60mm (H)

Flat plate for hanging scales 360mm (L) x 280mm (W)

Round deep plate for hanging scales 310mm ⌀ x 70mm (H)

Additional label cassette

Receipt printing adapter for label printer

Linerless labels
Efficiency and flexibility with a lower carbon footprint

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D 900 Series
Touchscreen weigh labelling machine

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