Elixa 24

Fully-automatic stretch wrapping machine


Elixa 24, automatic stretch packaging machine with the latest Elixa technology is particularly suitable for retail applications and small food processing centres.

It offers more safety features, technology and economy. The additional photocells added at in-feed, the next-generation microswitches designed to prevent tampering, the innovative design of the exit conveyor which prevents any access to the moving parts and the gas springs to aid its opening during film change ensures complete safety for users operating the machine.

The next generation electronics featured in Elixa 24 ensures maximum durability and reliability even on high demand operations.

With the new smart stand-by mode feature, Elixa 24 can reduce energy consumption and heat dissipation saving up to 50% compared to previous series (Elixa ZX).


Safety first

Every part of Elixa 24 has been designed in compliance with the strictest safety regulations. The elegant rounded lines also reduce the consequences of accidental impact.


Elixa 24 reaches a speed of 24 ppm: 5% more than the previous model (Elixa 21).

Automatic reading of tray size

Elixa 24 will automatically adjust to different tray sizes without operator intervention, which makes it particularly suitable for in-store applications.

Super-stretch technology

Thanks to the Elixa technology, Elixa 24 uses one width films (280 mm) regardless of the size of the product, allowing a saving of film up to 20% compared to traditional packaging machines.


With a right side outlet configuration, and a footprint of about 1 m2, Elixa 24 manages to fit into any work environment, optimizing the available space.

Maximum integration

Elixa 24 can be integrated optimally with the major manual weigh-price labelling systems available on the market, keeping volume and footprint virtually unchanged.


With a wide choice of options, Elixa 24 can be easily customized according to customer requirements.


Characterized by an extremely intuitive and easy to remember operation, Elixa 24 simplifies the turnover of employees. It only takes 30seconds to change the reel: an error-proof, simple operation!

Proper professional packaging

When teamed with specifically designed food grade film, a professional result that optimises the presentation of your product with minimum investment. Elixa 24 can use neutral super-stretch film or continuously printed film which seals on the lower part of the tray thanks to the efficiency of the sealing belt.

Plug ‘n’ Pack mode

Elixa 24 is powered by 230 V without any need for compressed air.

Energy saving

With a new advanced software, Elixa 24 is able to manage its own ignition timing in on/off mode, thus optimising consumption and offering energy savings of up to 50% compared to the previous model (Elixa ZX).

Maximum speed:

Up to 24 packages a minute.

Minimum tray size:

120mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 10mm (H)

Maximum tray size:

350mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 130mm (H)

Film reel width:

280mm (one width)

Reel change time:

Approximately 30 seconds

Machine weight:



230v AC single-phase

Product Certifications:

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Automatic weigh labelling machine at product exit

Motorised in-feed extension L=1M

In-line exit conveyor

Right 90° exit conveyor

Right 120° exit conveyor

Elixa 24
Fully-automatic stretch wrapping machine

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