GLM-E Maxx Automac

Automatic weigh labelling machine


The combination of Elixa series of stretch wrapping machine and GLM-E Maxx Automac allows automatic packaging and weigh labelling of food in a single and very compact unit. In the GLM-E Maxx Automac, label rolls with a diameter of up to 300mm can be processed, thus minimising the need for frequent label change. The GLM-E Maxx Automac is network compatible. Settings and maintenance of the printer unit can be made without need of any tools - reducing costs and increasing print quality. The new PC-based hardware provides more memory space and fast label data processing.


Area of use

  • Weight and price labelling of food in retail shops
  • Weight and price labelling of food in small industrial packing facilities


  • Printing of unicode or true type fonts.
  • 2GB memory on board for article and label layout data.
  • Program updates, line backups, backup and service printouts are possible with the external USB port.
  • The internal USB port can be used for logging of process data. E.g. for statistical evaluations.
  • Printing and processing of any one and two-dimensional standard barcodes, among other things data matrix and QR code.
  • Easy label roll change.
  • Servicing of printer unit without tools (E.g. replacing thermal printhead, pressure roller).

Capacity / Accuracy:

  • Mono-range 3,000 divisions: Max. 6 kg / 2 g Min. 40 g
  • Multi-interval 2 x 3,000 divisions: Max. 6 / 15 kg // 2 / 5 g Min. 40 g


Powder coated steel housing and highly resistant ABS plastic front panel


GT-12E coloured touchscreen display 12-inch


  • 80mm print width:
    • Max. 80mm print width direct thermal or thermal transfer
    • 30mm (W) x 30mm (L) minimum label size
    • 80mm (W) x 100mm (L) maximum label size
  • 104mm print width:
    • Max. 104mm print width direct thermal or thermal transfer
    • 30mm (W) x 30mm (L) minimum label size
    • 100mm (W) x 100mm (L) maximum label size
  • Print resolutions:
    • 8 dots / mm
    • 12 dots / mm
  • Max. 200 mm / sec print speed


  • TCP/IP Ethernet for interconnection and PC communication
  • USB 2.0


230v AC single-phase

Thermal transfer kit

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