Magic 2.0

Fully-automatic tray sealing machine with m.a.p or skin or skin-on-card packing option


Magic 2.0 is the innovative compact heat-sealing machine that automatically recognises and packages trays of different shapes or heights without requiring a die-set change or settings.

Moreover, by inserting two identical die-sets (which takes less than a minute), production capacity can be doubled.

Agile and fast, Magic 2.0 packages a wide range of foods (meat, fish, dairy products, daily meals, gastronomic products, etc.) in heat-sealing, m.a.p (ATP) and skin mode on plastic trays or cardboard (with and without product protrusion).

The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 INOX steel and treated aluminum, with a “step-by-step” feed system, and meets all the cleanliness and hygiene requirements of the food industry, adapting to even the most demanding working environments, such as the dairy and fish industries.


Production and output

Magic 2.0 is able to work in the following ways:

  • tray-sealing only: it is able to seal trays made of plastic, aluminum or coupled cardboard.
  • modified atmosphere packaging (m.a.p): which we seal the film on a preformed tray by replacing the air contained in the tray with a gas mix that preserves and extends the product's shelf life.
  • skin system, with and without protrusion over the edge: the system allows to create, with the use of a specific film for this application, a skin effect where film perfectly following the shape of the packaged product.
The machine is able to guarantee up to 15 cycles per minute on tray-sealing only, up to 12 cycles per minute on m.a.p and up to 7 cycles per minute on skin, according to the characteristics of the product and packaging materials.


Caveco puts great attention in engineering its machines: it seeks the best possible ergonomic design as well as the ease of use and intuitiveness of the machine's user-interface for effective and user-friendly operation.


The machine is suitable for the packaging of a large range of food products: meat, fish, fresh or frozen ready meals, dairy and cheese, fresh pastas, etc. Entirely built in stainless steel and non-corroding aluminum, the machine can be used in every production environment, also the more aggressive such as the diary and fish plants. The machine is rated with an IP65 degree of water and dust protection, satisfies the demands of cleaning and hygiene typical of the food industry. Thanks to its PLC, programmed by Caveco’s engineers, specialized in the personalisation of international suppliers’ unit, the Magic allows to store the working parameters of different productions, granting thanks to its tool change system, extremely fast, the most elevated flexibility of use of its category.

Maximum speed:

  • Up to 15 cycles per minute on tray-sealing only
  • Up to 12 cycles per minute on m.a.p
  • Up to 7 cycles per minute on skin or skin-on-card

Maximum tray height (with vacuum):


Maximum tray height (without vacuum):


Maximum film reel width:


Maximum film reel diameter:


Die-set change time:

Less than 1 minute

Machine dimensions:

3,100mm (L) x 850mm (W) x 1,900mm (H)

Working height:


Machine weight:

750kg (Approx.)

Protection rating:



400v AC three-phase

Magic 2.0 - Meat
Fully-automatic tray sealing / m.a.p / skin pack machine

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