MD 5700 Series

Fully-automatic metal detector


Dibal MD 5700 fully-automatic metal detector for food industry is the optimal solution for product inspection. This multi-frequency metal detection system, supplied with tunnel and conveyor belt, contributes to assuring product quality, free from metallic contamination.



  • Multi-frequency.
  • Variable conveyor belt speed.
  • "Auto-setup" with interference suppression and automatic calibration of sensitivity.
  • Digital multi-filter: To guarantee maximum stability in harsh environments.
  • Auto-balance: Automatic detection and compensation of any signal changes (example: variations in temperature).
  • Precise detection area: Exact location of the metal particle in the detection field for easy separation.
  • Auto-monitoring: To control the proper working of the equipment.
  • Automatic cancellation of product effect, with capacity to measure the product parameters in real time.
  • Dynamic self-monitoring (monitoring changes in product characteristics). It guarantees maximum sensitivity in each operation.
  • Safety: access protected by three password levels.


  • AISI 304L stainless steel tunnel
    (with IP66 protection or optional IP69K)
  • Anodised aluminium frame
    (optional in AISI 304L stainless steel)
  • IP66 protection
    (optional IP69K)
  • AISI 304L stainless steel electrical box
    (with IP69 protection)
  • Transport conveyor driven by motor
    (with IP55 protection or optional IP66)


  • Smooth rigid
  • Modular


5.7-inch colour touch screen
(protection cover included)


  • TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Serial RS232
  • USB port
    (to export detection reports, service logs and data backup)


230v AC single-phase

A 800mm to 950mm (adjustable height)
B 290mm
C 1,140mm to 1,240mm
D 550mm
E 1,120mm
Measurements for model MD 5700S 1,300mm + 300mm + 400mm + 200mm. For other sizes, please contact us.


4 wheels with brakes

Visual and audible alarm (24V)

Ejection system (Pneumatic piston, swivelling bar, push bar, air-jet)

Rejection and full bucket optical sensor

Container for contaminated products (option for lock with key)

Methacrylate protection tunnel

Motorised conveyor (Infeed / exit 1,000mm (L) x 280mm (W) with smooth belt)

Non-motorised roller conveyor

Test card kit (option for certified kit)

MD Series
Metal detector with IFS/BRC kit

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MD Series
Metal detector with weigh labelling

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