ReeFlow 300 Series

Automatic flow packing machine


ReeFlow 300 is the box-motion flow wrapper capable of packing heavy and large products (meat cuts, poultry, cheese) in pillow bag, flow bag and M.A.P.

This technology provides flexibility and guarantee quality hermetic seals, available with film reel holder unwinding from the top and bottom. The construction is fully in stainless steel and on a cantilevered frame, its high degree of protection combined with its design made to easily disassemble parts for cleaning, makes the ReeFlow 300 machine an ideal packaging machine for a very wide range of applications in the fresh food industry.

User friendly and is designed to improve the operation and facilitate the work of the operator and maintenance by optimising changeover and cleaning time.

The machine is able to process any kind of non-barrier materials, as well as eco-sustainable ones such as fully recyclable mono-materials, compostable or biodegradable.

Accurate and flexible, made to handle the widest variety of products and wrapping materials. The programmable logic control (PLC) synchronises all movement from the infeed conveyor, the film unwinding and the sealing devices.

Equipped with a large coloured touch-screen interface on lever arm, to set every single parameters and save up to 100 different personalised programs. The software is protected by four levels of access, each with a password.

Manually loaded or integrated in a fully-automatic line, ReeFlow 300 offers a cost-effective and efficient packaging solution.


Easy cleaning and adjustment

Full stainless steel cantilevered construction, easy to access and clean. Robust lugged infeed with fast and simple pitch changeover. B models come with food grade flat infeed belt consistent with food safety standards.

Highly efficient packaging

Motorised reel shaft for film width 650mm. Automatic film tensioning and 'variable bag length' detection for highly efficient packaging with no film wastage. 3 independent pair of rollers, for best longitudinal sealing quality. (C-H-F / C-H-C on B models)

Fast and accurate

Long-dwell 250mm jaws, production speed up to 100ppm (200ppm with double jaws), hermetical transversal sealing. Product exits through 900mm motorised belt with adjustable small nose roller.

User friendly

Equipped with 10-inch coloured display: functional and easy to operate. Full electronic solution with 5 motors for automatic format change and fine tuning.

ReeFlow 300 TW

ReeFlow 300 BW

Standard infeed:

Lug conveyor 1.5m

Belt conveyor 2m

NP-NB function:


Film reel holder:

Top position

Bottom position

Maximum film reel width options:

800mm (standard) / 1,000mm

Maximum film reel diameter:


Maximum film reel weight:


Sealing rollers:

Bottom position

Top position

Sealing rollers layout:

3 pairs C-H-F (+1)

3 pairs C-H-C (+1)

Sealing and cutting jaws:

Box-motion system

Sealing jaws drive options:

Pneumatic (standard) / motorised

Sealing jaws length options:

250mm / 350mm (standard) / 400mm

Maximum product height:


Exit conveyor:

900mm belt conveyor

Maximum film speed:

Up to 60m a minute

Maximum packaging speed:

Up to 100 packages a minute


400v AC three-phase

Left-hand version

Flat belt infeed / multi-belt feeder

Fully-automatic adjustments by recipe

Double reel holder with auto-splice

Coding unit

Misplaced product detection

Longitudinal sealing re-fill and trimming

Flow bag

Air jet

Deflating pressure pad

Gas flush, mix and analyser

Quality control with rejection system

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