TVG Maxi 60 H35

Automatic tray sealing machine with m.a.p or skin pack or skin-on-card packing option


TVG Maxi 60 H35 is an automatic tray sealing machine. Complete with customised die-set with profile cut and option for m.a.p (vacuum-gas) or skin or skin-on-card packing, running on speed of up to 3 cycles per minute.


M.A.P and Skin pack tray sealers

Valko TVG tray sealers work with a vacuum pump with up to 100 m³/h of power and with an integrated gas tank to pack in modified atmosphere (m.a.p). The vacuum pump is optimally adapted to the size of the chamber; this reduces the cycle time and provides the best possible packaging result.

Quality sealing materials and tools

In order to achieve the best sealing result possible, the production and development team makes every effort to study the customer's requirement, taking into consideration the materials that the customer wishes to use such as trays and films... and incorporate it in the unique design of the customised die-set and / or the machine; offering a functional and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution.

Precise control

The simple and intuitive user interface is easily accessible througout the packaging cycle. Moreover, it allows precise control to every sealing parameters such as time, sealing temperature, gas and vacuum percentage. Parameters can also be saved into 5 programmable program memory for easy re-setting.

Flexibility and speed

Valko TVG tray sealers aim for highest flexibility and speed of operation in its class. Thanks to the quick die-set change system; the operator can comfortably change die-sets without using any tool. Everything done in total safety and in the shortest time possible.

Safe and easy operation

Valko TVG tray sealers are designed to be operated using a 2-button cycle activation to safely prevent interference to any moving mechanisms. The machine is also equiped with a safety vane for high oxygen gas mixes (O² > 21%). The automatic drawer and tray lifter will help make the packaging process a lot easier for the operator.

Highest reliability and quality

Valko tray sealers are exclusively made with the highest quality components. The sturdiness of the stainless-steel structure is completed by a functional design and a cutting-edge technology.

Types of packaging:

Tray sealing, m.a.p (vacuum-gas), skin pack and skin-on-card (product protrusion up to 35mm)

Maximum tray size:

285mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 115mm (H)

Maximum film reel width:


Maximum film reel diameter:



Up to 3 cycles per minute

Vacuum pump:


Machine dimensions:

1,130mm (L) x 815mm (W) x 1,500mm (H)

Machine weight:



400v AC three-phase

Customised m.a.p die-set with profile cut

Customised skin or skin-on-card die-set with profile cut, up to 10mm product protrusion

Customised skin or skin-on-card die-set with profile cut, up to 20mm product protrusion

Customised skin or skin-on-card die-set with profile cut, up to 35mm product protrusion

100m³/h vacuum pump

Support for pre-printed film

Double gas inlet

Built-in silent air compressor with 15L air tank

Lockable wheels

TVG Maxi H35
Automatic tray sealing / m.a.p / skin pack machine

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