Linea 520 SAP

Fully-automatic tray sealing machine


Linea 520 SAP is a fully-automatic tray sealing machine. Complete with customised die-set with profile cut, running on speed of up to 10 cycles per minute.


High reliability

Well contructed with high-quality materials; die-set made by aluminium peraluman to give the best reliability and sturdiness.

Quick mould change system

Changing your die-set has never been so easy: In less than 2 minutes, you can easily work with different tray sizes in total safety. This means great flexibility and high production output.

Precise control

The simple and intuitive user interface is easily accessible througout the packaging cycle. Moreover, it allows precise control to every sealing parameters such as time and sealing temperature. Parameters can also be saved into 5 programmable program memory for easy re-setting.

Safety and accuracy

Valko fully-automatic tray sealers has several photocells and sonars to ensure safe operation and accurate sealing cycle.

Better product presentation

Pre-printed film option available on fully-automatic tray sealers enables the use of pre-printed film with automatic centering for a very effective product presentation.

Work at your own phase

Valko fully-automatic tray sealers are equipped with a tray presence detector on the loading belt which automatically starts the sealing cycle once trays are detected. This means that the machine will only run when it is needed to; saving you film and power.

Types of packaging:

Tray sealing

Maximum tray size:

275mm (L) x 420mm (W) x 100mm (H)

Maximum film reel width:


Maximum film reel diameter:



Up to 10 cycles per minute

Machine dimensions:

990mm (L) x 2,500mm (W) x 1,660mm (H)

Machine weight:



400v AC three-phase

Customised die-set with profile cut

Exit conveyors

Automatic output queueing system

Linea 520 SAP
Fully-automatic tray sealing machine

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