Fully-automatic tray sealing machine with m.a.p option


TopLid is the ultra compact tray-sealer by Fabbri Group, known for its performance and simplicity of use. Fully-automatic, it is particularly suitable for the packaging of food products in a protective atmosphere, particularly meat, thanks to the patented gas exchange system. The compact size, high productivity and simplicity of use makes this machine unique. The design of the die-set has resulted in the extreme lightness of the components, making the format change accessible to everyone. Also available in a version completely made of steel, TopLid can be used both in supermarket departments and large- and medium-sized packaging centres.


Small space, high speed

TopLid occupies approximately 1.6m² of surface area and offers a speed packaging up to 40 trays per minute in the double-line version. It is the only tray-sealer in the world to offer these benefits with such small dimensions.

Patented gas exchange system: perfect mixture, always

Thanks to the innovative gas exchange system, TopLid can handle mixtures with residual oxygen up to 0.3%, without resorting to expensive systems equipped with vacuum-gas pumps. Moreover, there is no need for special and expensive power systems in the presence of high percentages of oxygen.

Sporty or classic look?

TopLid is available in both blue safety guard and stainless steel safety guard versions, to give you the opportunity to always have the right machine in the right place.

Format change: in less than 4 minutes! And in complete safety

The format change is managed by touch-screen monitors and operators can perform operations by following simple, step by step instructions. In addition, the positioning of the various parts is controlled by the machine at different times, effectively excluding the possibility of making errors. Great attention has been given to the operator at this delicate stage: the limbs of the staff are never in contact with the critical parts such as sealer tools and blades, so that each format change can take place in complete safety. Thanks to the tool lightness, the machine doesn’t need a die-set change trolley.

Ring road or highway: the choice is yours

TopLid can be ordered with a double-line configuration, a solution that exploits the maximum potential of the machine. This configuration can be easily converted to the single-line version by simply changing the punching tool and the programme. In the same time that is needed to perform a format change, you will have a machine available that can package different types of trays at the most suitable speeds. Unique!

Suitable for any tray, in every way

The automatic in-feed of TopLid allows for the packaging of trays without any need for prepositioning or spacing at the entrance, typical of traversing bar machines. It can also handle the same format with different heights at the same time, thanks to its innovative tray-loading system.

Protruding product, overflowing solution

TopLid can package trays with protruding products, all those products that for reasons of presentation or management extend beyond the edge of the tray. Thanks to the dedicated optional feature, TopLid can offer a protected atmosphere solution with an attractive fresh appearance. It is special also in this regard.

Maximum speed:

Up to 15 cycles per minute (Approx. 40 packages a minute in a 4 tray die-set version).

Minimum tray size:

110mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 20mm (H)

Maximum tray size:

280mm (L) x 370mm (W) x 100mm (H)

Minimum film reel width:


Maximum film reel width:


Die-set change time:

Approximately 4 minutes

Machine footprint:

Less than 1.6m²

Machine weight:



400v AC three-phase

Product Certifications:

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Motorised in-feed conveyors (1/2/4m) 1 or 2 rows

In-line exit roller and 90° (right/left) - 180° (right) motorized exit conveyors

Motorized tray-turning exit conveyor

Product exit control

Printed film kit

Packaging of protruding products

1/2/4 impression die-sets

Reversible 1 to 2 rows TopLid version

Die-set safety kit

Set up for gas mixer and analyser

Stainless steel covers

TopLid - Fruit and Veg.
Fully-automatic tray sealing / m.a.p machine

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TopLid - Meat
Fully-automatic tray sealing / m.a.p machine

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